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Softscript SGML and XML Consultancy
SGML and XML Consultancy title

Consultancy in the specialist areas of SGML and XML programming is a cornerstone of Softscript’s business. With over 11 years of programming experience related to the electronic publishing business, we offer you professional level consultancy embracing electronic publishing, related software applications, data management systems and web-based management systems and hosting for electronic publishing.

Electronic publishing is now a widely established technology in which workflow design and management, authoring, on-screen styling, pagination and correction require specialist skills and programming abilities available at Softscript. Being skilled in the design and development of SGML and XML software for the electronic publishing field, we offer a consultancy service providing advice and direction to publishers requiring SGML and XML solutions.

Features Include
  • The First and Original
    SGML and XML QC Tool
  • Many Pre-built Checks
  • Customisable Checks
  • Create Catalog Files
  • Find and Correct Errors
  • S1000D Complient
  • 9 Parsers
  • Parser Autochanging
  • Batch & Recursive Batch
  • View DTD and Schema Trees
  • Configure & Create Customisable

Currently, we develop and support Xassist software which is a suite of configurable quality control applications for checking and correcting content and structural errors within SGML and XML encoded texts. We offer on site training to users.

Customers of Xassist Include
  • Seimens
  • Bell Helicopters
  • The Royal Society, London
  • Artistique Group
  • Taylor & Francis
  • Macmillian Publishers
  • MAI KG XML-Publishing-Solutions
  • State University of New York at Oswego
  • Page Bros
  • Kluwer
  • Info Vision
  • Masibus
  • Atmospheric Glow Technologies
  • InternetAgentur [di] digitale informationssysteme

To learn how Softscript can advise you on and SGML/XML solutions please contact us

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